Fruit Cocktail Cake with Coconut Icing

Classic 50's recipe, moist, flavorful, and not too rich except for the delightful coconut icing!
8x8, $9.00
This recipe is incredible with crushed pineapple and cream cheese icing!
Pricing the same.


Cream Cheese Fruit Rolls

Sensational! New recipe I created.
Sweet roll bread with pie filling and cream cheese!
Dolloped with cream cheese icing!
Warm 10 seconds in the microwave and dig in!
Shown are cherry and blueberry
$14.99 per loaf


Pecan Sandies

Crisp, yet melt in your mouth, buttery goodness...
$15.99 per batch


New Desserts!

Peppermint Candy Pinwheels, $19.99

Frozen Coconut Macaroons $14.99 a batch. Regularly makes 36 cookies but I made 12 mega-cookies for sale in coffee shop.

Vacuum-Sealed Rice Krispie Treats ($9.99), also available dipped in chocolate on one side ($12.99).

Chocolate Chip/Raisin/Peanut Butter Granola Bars ($14.99)

Orange Rolls with Orange Glaze ($24.99/dzn, $14.99/half-dzn)

Take N Bake Old Fashioned Gingersnaps ($14.99)
(pictured unbaked)

Coconut Macaroons ($14.99)
Ginger Snaps - 2 kinds: Old Fashioned ($14.99) and Ultra Ginger ($19.99) for True Ginger Lovers!
Ultra Ginger contains lots of candied ginger
Orange Rolls with Orange Glaze ($24.99/dzn)
Hawaiian Paradise Cinnamon Rolls--my own creation of coconut, pineapple, and macademia nuts with coconut icing! Dee-lish!!! ($29.99/dzn)

And something good for you, and made with honey if you watch your glucose---chocolate chip, peanut butter oatmeal bars! ($14.99)

By the way, I bake requests!

Thanks, Lori

Shortbread Cookies

Not sure what shortbread is? It's Lorna Doone's (TM) homemade!
A whole batch is not as large as some of my other cookies but, wow, are they scrumptious with coffee! That is an 8 inch diameter, 3 inch deep container, or 16 2"x5" cookies!

$14.99 per whole batch. $16.99 if you want the tops dipped in chocolate!

Criss-Cross Peanut Butter Cookies

A whole batch is almost 3 lbs. of delicious crispness! To get an idea of how many cookies this batch makes, this order made 70 cookies approximately 3 inches in diameter and 3/8 inch thick. At $14.99 per whole batch----what a bargain!
They have shipped well also--hardly no broken ones.


Flour-Free Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Butterscotch instead if requested.
$9 for a half-batch (24 cookies)
$19 for whole batch (48 cookies)

Melt In Your Mouth Peanut Butter Fudge

I make it with crunchy peanut butter and wow, it is rich and melts in your mouth!
If you love your fudge smooth, I'll use creamy peanut butter instead, just tell me.
approximately 2 pounds
8x8 square or heart-shaped, $14.99

Orange Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

Moist and delightful orange flavor. Fresh orange zest in cream cheese frosting and in the batter makes this an absolute treat.

8x8, $19.99

Big, Bakery-Style Cinnamon Rolls

Plain Cinnamon Rolls, $24.99/dzn with cream cheese icing or powdered sugar glaze.
Cinnamon Raisin Rolls, $25.99/dzn
Cinnamon Pecan Rolls, $25.99/dzn
Cinnamon Raisin & Pecan Rolls, $26.99/dzn
I am very generous with all ingredients!


Soft Pretzels

$1.50 each or a batch is 8 for $8.
To order without salt, request a baldy!



Airy, slightly eggy taste and fairly hollow to fill with your favorite food. Whether butter and jam, tuna salad, pudding, etc. $3 for 4 popovers.


Country Cinnamon Bread

Dessert Bread, each slice has cinnamon sugar marbling.
$10.99per loaf
$0.50 for each addition. Additions: chocolate chips, raisins, pecans, and walnuts.

Gooey, Peanut Butter Corn Chip Candy

What a strange combination, you say??? It is, but, yummmmm!
You just have to try it!
Delicious salty crunch with gooey peanut butter sweetness holding all the chips together. Hard not to sample when preparing! I can drizzle with chocolate if desired for additional 50 cents.

Also fantastic out of the freezer if you're a candy bar freezin' type person!
$9.99 per batch (10"x15" sheet) approximate weight 2.5 lbs.
$11.99 Drizzled with TollHouse(TM) Chocolate
Chocolate Drizzled


Amish Friendship Loaf

Real Lemon Poppy Seed, $7

Real Lemon Poppy Seed Double Loaf Bundt $14

Chocolate/Chocolate Chip $8

Flavor choices:
Vanilla/Cinnamon $7
Vanilla/Chocolate Chip Pecan $8
Banana/Walnut $7.50
Real Lemon/Poppy Seed $7
Chocolate/Chocolate Chip $8
Double Loaf Bundt available in all flavors ($ * 2)

Toll House (TM) Butterscotch or Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

Chewy and crisp!

Chip choices: Butterscotch or Chocolate

1/2 Batch, Cookies or One Big Heart (approximately 1 pound), $9.99
Whole Batch, $17.99